Maze Art


I'm a 25 year old emerging artist, born, raised, and based in South Minneapolis. From the time I was born, I was surrounded by creative minds. Although now I'm thankful for that, there was a time when I found it discouraging. Not because of any lack of instruction or access to materials, but because seeing so many talented individuals never have the spare time, support system, or funding to feed their passion led me to see art as a dead end. One of my goals is being in a position to help make art accessible and of interest to communities that need guidance and empowerment.


Contact info:

Instagram: @shea_maze


Phone: (612) 730-0695



  • 2021 Bean Hole Days Arts and Crafts Fair
  • 2021 Cross Lake Days Arts and Crafts Fair
  • 2022 Powderhorn Art Fair - Community Showcase
  • 2022 Richard Moodys Mad Hatter Ball (Fashion week Event)



  • (2018-2019) Sous Chef at Book Club Restaurant
  • (2022-) ALL ages Arts and Crafts instructor - Parcel Arts
  • (2022) Illustrator of “The Complaining Cheetah” (Author Deontae Henderson)
  • (2022) Joined the Roho Collective



  • 2022 Powderhorn Art Fair  “Community Showcase - Best in show”